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In 1998 Sierens Seed Service added a new spectrum to their seed business with a phase three warehouse; expanding their product line and selling a variety of crop protection products along with the Ag Chem retail knowledge you come to expect.

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2013 Trial Results

Sierens Seed Service – 2013 Canola Trial Results

  • Fertility 120 lb. Nitrogen,  40 lb. Phosphate,  30 lb. Sulphur
  • Seeding date June 3  rate 5 lb./acre
  • Excellent germination  little-to-no flee beetle damage
  • Weathermax sprayed morning June 25, Wind E.
  • Liberty sprayed evening June 26, Wind W.
  • July 12 Entire plot sprayed with Vertisan, early hybrids were at 20-30% bloom, later hybrids were at 5% bloom
  • July 20 Entire plot sprayed with Vertisan early hybrids were 50% + bloom,  later hybrids were at 20-30% bloom
  • Cutting Date  -  Two different mornings Sept 5 and Sept 11
  • Harvest Date  - Sept 25th 2013

Notes – The entire trial had near ideal growing condition throughout the season. During cutting I thought all hybrids appeared to have great yield potential.

Thanks to Bruce Murray and his team for helping with planting and harvesting.

2013 Canola Fungicide Trials

Sierens Seed Service Canola Fungicide Trial 2013

  • Hybrid – NEX 1012
  • Seeding date – May 29 2013
  • Area – 165 acres
  • Trial Strip Size – full cut 30 ft, all same direction (each strip equal to 2.288 acre)
  • Fungicide application date – July 15
  • Harvest date – Oct 4

Yield results as follows:

  • Lance = 52.45 bus/acre
  • Acapella = 54.19 bus/acre
  • Acapella = 53.19 bus/acre
  • Checkuntreated = 52.01 bus/acre
  • Vertisan = 52.88 bus/acre

Notes – Low disease pressure throughout entire field.

2013 Bayer Crop Sciences Trial

Images of Bayer Hybrids growth height at Swan Lake, MB Location:

Photos provided by: Dale Oaks


2013 Soybean Trial

Trial Results for 2013

  • Trial Strip Size – full cut 30 ft (JD Flex Header), all same direction (each strip equal to 1.137 acres)
  • Harvest date – October 7th (Sierens Seed Service Weigh Wagon)


  • Dekalb, 2310 = 47.46 bus./ac.
  • Brett-Young, Pekko = 46.93 bus./ac.
  • Legend Seeds, LS 002R23 = 49.92 bus./ac.

Thanks to Doug DeBlonde

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